World Innovation Network (WIN) Platform

Breakthrough Digital Platform for Accelerating Impactful Innovations and Start-ups

  1. Presenting a Gamechanger Platform for Academia, Corporates, Start-ups, Innovation Professionals, Innovation Consultants
    Breakthrough Innovations are based on solid research on Global ecosystems. Imagine a world where you can gain instant access to breakthrough ideas, foresight, trends, insights, key information, market opportunities, strategic partners, new technologies, technology providers and cutting-edge tools so that you can innovate in a fraction of the usual time. Time is the new currency and the battle in the marketplace is on the speed of innovation. Connect, develop and grow.
  1. Connecting the dots so that you can innovate better
    Transform your business with WIN Platform, which collates information from databases around the world, from Asia to Europe, Europe to the US, and everywhere in between – making technology, funding options and market insights accessible to all. Discover more, collaborate more, innovate more, venture more, IMPACT more and commercialize faster than ever on WIN platform. Convert innovation intelligence, into breakthroughs and make the futuristic decisions that shape our world.
  2. Reduce your failures and innovation cycle-time
    WIN platform is the one-stop destination for Technology Intelligence, R&D Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence and Business Intelligence for making the biggest global impact with your future innovations/ventures. We have researched billions of innovation data points and filtered with our rich expertise for your actionable intelligence. Reduce your research time, innovation/venture failures, R&D investments, risks, manpower and overall innovation cycle-time with the world’s largest open innovation platform – there is no parallel to this platform globally.


Innovation and start-up are complex eco-systems, combining important social, economic, cultural, intellectual and personal factors and operating at global, national, local and personal levels. Quite often innovations and start-ups are just about creating the right strategic fit and collaboration with the right organization for scaleup. Many times it is simply creating the new application of emergent technologies and doing some iterations.  

However, information and data about innovation, technologies and supporting companies are changing overnight and it is in a completely disorganized form. It is fragmented and anchored in its local environment, making cooperation across contexts and business entities extremely difficult and therefore hindering the whole process of innovative growth. The biggest challenge today is the difficulty in accessing, understanding market needs, learning and collaborating with all the stakeholders globally.

Our Global Learning and Networking Platforms provide a common structure and organized systems for identifying, tracking and making sense of the complexity and volume of innovations happening around the world; by providing well-defined, robust, accessible and collaboration-enabled digital tools. 

Power-packed features to keep you ahead of times and competition
24/7 Cloud Platform
Remote Access
Anytime, Anywhere
Great UX / UI
Compatible to all Smartphones
Android / IOS
Windows / Mac OS
Updated daily

5. Connecting the Innovation SEEKERS with Innovation PROVIDERS

1CountriesSolution Providers
2Open Innovation ChallengesStudents and Start-ups
3CompaniesEducation Institutions
4Corporate Venture CompaniesTechnology Providers
5Research InstitutionsInnovators and Researchers
6MNC AcceleratorsStudents and Entrepreneurs
7VCs and InvestorsTech Start-ups

Enter the MNC’S support platform within a fraction of a second.
We have developed the world’s smartest and largest source of open innovation intelligence platform to resolve the challenges of all stakeholders of innovation. We believe that collaborations and networking between the different stakeholders’ innovation will power the future growth of all.
Our mission is to provide collaborative innovation intelligence to countries, corporates, academic institutions, research institutions, technology providers, start-ups, firms, students, founders, working professions to accelerate their growth. WIN App supports all the stakeholders with data-driven business intelligence to power the next business breakthroughs. Explore the digital content and experience of the next level and change your professional and career life forever.

Online EdTech/Training Platform for the Pandemic and Post Pandemic
– A greater understanding of the best and most current research on innovation, technologies and entrepreneurship.
– A greater understanding of the digital innovation tools that every innovative organization/start-up/ student needs to succeed in the innovation age.
– A rich database of MNCs, most innovative companies and accelerators providing mentoring, prototyping, funding and scale-up support
– Rich databases of sector-wise open innovation challenges for earning handsome financial rewards even when you are studying.
– A multi-disciplinary set of innovation skills, customized to fit both your organization’s/start-up’s/project’s needs and your career goals.
– A better foresight and insights into the industry need with trend radars – a powerful tool for futuristic innovation.
– Becoming a serial innovator and entrepreneur. A greater capacity to keep honing your innovation / entrepreneurial skills for a lifetime.
-Becoming the most sought-after innovative talent for the most rewarding careers globally.
Features: AI-Powered, Personalized, Gamification Tools, Adaptive, Learner Experience
Advantages: World-Class, More accessible education, Data-driven foresight & insights, Connected stakeholders, Dynamic, Real-time updates

  1. Generate New Income Streams with WIN EdTech Cloud Platform
    We can consider bulk licenses for your institute and will be happy to organize the Zoom meeting to take you through the gamechanger tech solution. The WIN cloud platform can be used as a PLUG & PLAY solution to offer distance learning to many students in India and across the globe.
  2. Customers
    Academia: Lovely Professional University, Sharda University, TERI, Modi University, Sage University, VIT, RNTU, AIMS, Kirloskar Institute, Thapar Business School, GKCIET, ASM Group, Atharva College of Eng, PCCOE, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Shah & Anchor Institute of Technology, Armite Institute of Technology, Assam Downtown University, JNEC, MGM Institute of Engineering and many more.
    Corporates: Tata Motors Academy, Aditya Birla Science & Technology Centre, Ultratech Cements, Thai Acrylic, Hindalco and many more.
    i. Companies including PSUs
    ii. Higher Education Institutions
    iii. Incubators
    iv. Research Institutions
    v. Innovation parks and hubs
    vi. Technology Transfer/Commercialization Centres
    vii. Corporate Ventures
    viii. Innovation consulting firms
    ix. Accelerators
    x. Govt. institutions (HRD, Youth Development, Science & Technology, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Skills Development, Digital Transformation)
    xi. Start-ups/SMEs

More Information for Enterprises
Attractive Enterprise License Schemes are available
Please send an email with your requirement for multiple licenses to the following emails:

i. Innovation consultants
ii. Innovation professionals
iii. R&D Professionals
iv. Working professionals seeking higher responsibilities
v. Inventors
vi. Innovators
vii. Founders of Startups looking for scale-up support
viii. Students in B-Schools and Engineering institutions
ix. Job aspirants in MNCs/most innovative companies
x. Professors in universities
xi. Start-up mentors at Incubators/accelerators

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  1. Request the Preview Session of WIN Platform
    We will be happy to organize the Zoom meeting exclusively with you to showcase the power of the WIN App and other cutting edge innovation/start-up tools which are changing the way people are innovating globally.

By: Pravin Rajpal, Founder InnovatioNext. Top ranking global thought leader in open innovation and EdTech.

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